Specialising in Back and Chronic Pain

Yoga Therapy is . . .

Yoga is a holistic disciple for maintaining and restoring health for the whole person: mind body spirit.

Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for people with health considerations. Research provides evidence that it can aid in the alleviation of many different ailments, including back pain, hypertension, heart conditions, asthma, diabetes and stress.

Yoga therapy uses gentle asanas: postures, pranayama: breathing practices, nidra: deep sleep, and dhaya: meditation (either passive or pro-active) to help restore body/mind balance and promote natural healing.

Suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility. Clients do not need to be fit or flexible.

″Embracing nature and our senses in the context of classical yoga is when yoga comes alive; our mind awakens, we hear and feel our bodies in our ever changing surroundings. It is in the development of our senses that human nature blossoms.″

″My belief is everything is simple at the core and full of intelligence. I approach private sessions and classes the same, everyone is intelligent about their bodies, minds, spirits, and life; they may just need reminding, re-patterned or choices.″

″Instinctively I meditate being in the moment as a way of life finding yoga fascinatingly complex but simple, and expansive.

″Yoga teaches me to go further, to be still, to laugh, and cry . . . to be me. It is through continued exploration of yogasanas, meditation and pranayama that my physical presence becomes inspiring and empowering.

″Intuitively I encourage personal interpretations of postures meditations, and philosophies, while preserving yogasanas’ alignment and integrity.″

″My approach is mischievous, encouraging individual body shapes, abilities, and mind-sets to simply ‘be’ – be free, be themselves. I challenge each participant to see themselves anew, while conscious that each is already perfect.″

Be still to awaken your mind;

hear your body;  embrace your spirit;

and live your potential.